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About the gourd...

Ah...the humble Lagenaria siceraria (aka L. bulgaris and L. leucantha). Research suggests the gourd dates back to ancient times when some savvy prehistoric fisherman converted it into a flotation device.   Clever, eh?   Over time, additional uses for this hard-shelled cousin of the cucumber were discovered: birdhouses, bird feeders, bowls, baskets, utensils, ceremonial rattles, musical instruments, drinking and eating vessels, jewelry, hats, lamps, coin banks (with or without the coins) and an endless array of decorative and utilitarian home and garden accessories.

Despite its humble and sometimes downright homely appearance, the gourd has become quite the collectible!   How could it not?   It is "at home" wherever it resides, --seaside cottage or urban balcony.   Mountain mansion or suburban sunroom.   It never complains; clogs the bathroom sink with hair; loses its car keys; deposits its dirty socks on the kitchen counter, or fights you for that last juicy jelly bean.   Furthermore, it boasts sufficient stamina to endure chiseling, sawing, gluing, gouging, varnishing, sanding, polishing, drilling, dying, painting, spackling, --even wood-burning (ouch!) while still maintaining its healthy sense of self!

There is nothing like a gourd.   There is no one gourd exactly like another . As unique as any human ever conceived, the gourd is easier to satisfy, cheaper to feed, --and with a seed viability that exceeds 340 days on the open sea!  Now, what's not to love about that?

About the Art...

About the Artist...


About the Artist's friends...

Click on the icons below to view the gallery of wonderful friends we've made (quite literally!) over the past few years.

You will note that some of our friends are ORPHANS desperately in need of a loving home (hint! hint!)  If one of them appears to be talking to you...don't panic!  It probably is.   They talk to us all the time.  Gourds are like that.   This is a clear indication that you need to click on the "Holler at Me" button immediately and demand to purchase the rascally orphan that's pestering you. Your request will be honored just as immediately.

Should a former orphan or Gallery Resident, appear to be speaking to you...again, don't panic!   They are as mouthy as their maker . Same drill!   Click on the "Holler at Me" button and demand that we create a likeness for you!  We will honor this request as quickly as we can. But plan ahead.   The "gestation" period can run 4-6 weeks during the spring and summer seasons; 6-8 weeks during the fall and winter seasons.


Whimsy RULES!


FRIENDLY WARNING: The gallery is, by its very nature, graphics intensive. Please allow extra time for the pics to load. Grab a cup of coffee. Throw in a load of wash. Visit your favorite aunt in Kalamazoo...   But hurry back!  Our friends are anxious to meet you!


** Gourd Orphanage **

Updated June 2014

Have a heart. Visit the Homeless!

Why Adopt a GertsKid Gourd?

  1. Why not? You deserve it!
  2. When you see a gourd that strikes your fancy, --preferably with such intensity that you MUST own it--you can!   Just... Holler at Me!
  3. When the design appeals to you but you'd prefer a different color scheme to match your kitchen, dining room, den, foyer, library, conservatory or outhouse...  Holler at Me!
  4. When you need a special occasion character for that special occasion friend (eg., your best friend, a Santa collector, is also an avid fisherman; your mother loves goats, etc.)...Holler at Me!
  5. When you don't have a clue what to buy, when to buy or why you want or need to...

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Updated March 2012


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